Manufacturer of Foil Protective Footwear


FOLAREND is the first Polish manufacturer of foil safety footwear in tear-off form.



Disposable socks are an effective recipe for healthy and beautiful feet !

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Disposable protective socks

For several years, we have been creating a family business producing disposable footwear/ protective socks in the form of tear-off. In 2016, we received a certificate of patent registration at the EUIPO as intellectual property. We are therefore the only manufacturer of this type of footwear/protective socks in Poland and Europe.

Our disposable footwear/ protective socks have been developed for the safety of personal hygiene in public places where maintaining it is particularly important, such as:

Disposable protective socks - application

The role of our product is to protect feet from fungal diseases and to maintain hygiene in used footwear.

In the beauty segment, it is used both in professional cosmetic and podiatric surgery, as well as at home for daily foot care. The use of our product as a form of occlusion – supports the treatment process, speeds up the effect while maintaining its aesthetics.

Quality of our products

Our disposable protective socks are made of HDPE mesh film, whose structure is distinguished by its high particle density, i.e. 10 microns, which translates into its durability. Thanks to the use of HDPE film, our product is characterised by resistance to external factors, temperature, tearing or stretching, as well as ease of recycling.

Out of concern for the environment, our company also cooperates with a proven recipient of post-production waste. These are 100% recyclable and suitable for further processing.

Two colour variants

We offer two colours of film.
White (transparent) and blue.


The product is packaged in the form of a tear-off seal.
50 pieces each - 25 pairs of shoes.

Disposable protective socks

Our offer is addressed in particular to:

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